Drawings and words inspired by plants I encountered with.

What mugwort say...

Fly low and high

deep and wide

big and away.

Fly with no fear.

Trust every single feathers you own.

If you fall,

know that that's where you must explore.

Collect more feathers and fly again.

Fly Free to the unknown.

What lotus say...

Walk your path as you are the queen.

Meet the guides, hear the voice,

smell the sense along the way.

Lead your path as you are the queen.

Collaborate with those you meet, 

those voice you hear and the senses you smell.

What hawthorn say...

Set your own boundaries

that makes you who you are.

From those harmful and insensitive.

So you can be kind to your self.

Set your boundary to set you free.

So you can feel safe to sleep.

So you can spread the energy and love

that beyond all boundaries.