Fumiha Tanaka is an Artist, Reiki practitioner and Herbalist who grew up in Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore.
Currently, she lives, creates and studying plant language in Brooklyn NY.


Always interested to collaborate in the meaningful visual project.
Please contact for Art project, Reiki session, Herbal consultation and Dream conversation.
Instagram @fumihatanaka

アーティスト、イラストレーター、デザイナー, ハーバリストの田中文葉は
”人の心に触れる” 事を主に作品を造っています。


  As my herb sister @commonknowledgeplants states “Learning to be an herbalist is many many things - it encompasses botany, ethnobotany, pharmacology, phytochemistry, biology, ecology, anatomy/physiology, energetics, pathophysiology, permaculture, farming, gardening, conservation, resiliency,  restoration, activism, alchemy, indigenous knowledge, history, mythology, allegory, first-aid, culinary arts, nutrition, community health, counseling, psychiatry, storytelling, witchcraft and spirituality...” Reciprocity, art, dreaming... The list goes on and on... becoming an herbalist is truly becoming forever student of this land, mother earth, who lead us to heal ourself and to heal the land.

Plant has been blowing my mind with the way they live and the gift they offer us. So many dots are connected in my mind on why I was so drawn to this field and why I was making the art I have been making. The teaching of plants are unlimited in so many layers. They keep unfolding, and showing us the beauty of “life” and how we are part of this cycle. Not only they offer us medicine, they teach us how we can coexist with other beings in harmonious balance. What is our role as a human? How did we become so disconnected? The disconnection, unrecognizing the oneness relates deeply to what is happening to our society right now. Is the relationship with our land totally broken? Can we decolonize our capitalism mindset? Plants ask us to listen, and when we do, they answer and really collaborate with us. We have lots of work to do. Can we make a difference? I say positively yes. I trust that any effort we make for a better future is never too late to shift the paradigm.

It all starts from us individual within by listening to our body, mind and heart, and be harmonious.